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Since 2011, El Sistema Lehigh Valley (ESLV) has operated as an intensive daily music education program at three public schools in the Allentown School District: Roosevelt Elementary School, South Mountain Middle School, and Raub Middle School. ESLV provides students with a structured learning environment, fostering personal development through daily music training, homework tutoring, and public performance opportunities. As students master their instruments, they develop important cognitive and social skills, and gain experience as part of an orchestra. ESLV is designed as a longitudinal program, providing consistent support, training, and mentoring to students from kindergarten through high school.

Students come from over 20 different schools in the Lehigh Valley to be a part of El Sistema Lehigh Valley. Daily instrument lessons and choral instruction for these students is held each day at Roosevelt Elementary School, and all students in the program are encouraged to attend. Solo and small group lessons are offered at the middle school level during the school day at both Raub Middle and South Mountain Middle School. In all, ESLV provides more than 520 program hours per student each year.
Students grow as they become part of an orchestra and begin to master their instruments, and learn focus, discipline, and responsibility. They become part of a performing group greater than themselves and experience the thrill of playing before an audience.


ESLV students practice, rehearse, and perform at five seasonal concerts during the school year to demonstrate their progress. At the end of the school year, they play a concert at the historic Miller Symphony Hall, to which their families and friends are invited free of charge.

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