Dear ESLV Students and Families,

I wanted to take a moment to update you on the steps we are taking to ensure we continue to provide our El Sistema family with support and educational resources through these unprecedented times. 

It was very disappointing to the ESLV staff to have our 2020 Pops Concert cancelled due to the closure of the school. Everyone worked so hard and the students were so well prepared.  It was going to be a really fantastic performance! This is a good reminder that music is not just about preparing for and playing the performances. Music helps us grow into well-rounded, responsible, creative individuals on a daily basis and there was a lot of growth from all of our ESLV students over the past two months! 

We are hoping to return to program and school and our regular lives soon. However, it is possible that this could go on longer than anticipated. It’s here where the staff of El Sistema appreciates your understanding and your continued support.

Students, please continue to practice music. Continue to enrich your lives and your families’ lives with your very special talent. Music is a great way to keep our minds sharp but also a way to connect us with the people we spend our time with. Teach your parents how to play your instrument, teach your little sister a song you learned in choir. Keep using music to spread joy and engage your mind!

Families, learning music takes continued discipline. Please encourage your child to practice their instrument and singing everyday! It is a great way for them to engage their mind while they are not in school. 

The staff of El Sistema is continuing to work to provide resources for our kids, even when we can’t be together. There will be many resources posted to our Instagram account  @eslv_program and our Facebook page El Sistema Lehigh Valley that will include new music to play, fun worksheets to do, music websites to visit, and free music apps to download. We are also setting up online practice coaching sessions with our teachers using Zoom, a free video conferencing service. Please be on the lookout for more information about this and follow our Instagram and Facebook!

We will continue to support our El Sistema students and families in the best possible ways that we can provide during this time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or for resources! And stay healthy!

Kind Regards,




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